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10Y Rise
Multiple Locations

Value-Add and Ground Up New Construction

2x Target Equity Multiple, 5 deal cycles

2x Multiple * 5 cycles = 32x Projected Return

$300k investment projected to yield 9.6 million in 10-12 years

10Y is an Exponential Wealth Multiplier Fund. The fund will invest primarily in Multifamily Assets – both Value-Add and Ground Up Construction.

The fund will invest in a collection of properties rather than a single property. This strategy yields two distinctive advantages:

  • Diversification of Limited Partner Investments across multiple properties, thereby mitigating the risks associated with a single property investment.
  • Ability of the fund to combine depreciation benefits of the properties being held to offset capital gains from the property being sold, resulting in tax-free sale proceeds in each Deal Cycle.

10Y is seeking to raise a total investment pool of $30 Million. Any project that the Fund invests in must pass our thorough vetting process and meet or exceed our precise return expectations.

  • Product Type: Multifamily (Value-Add or Ground Up New Construction)
  • Target LP Returns: Minimum 2X Equity Multiple in each Deal cycle (2yr)
  • Sub Markets with good economic fundamentals
  • Rents and Return metrics meeting or exceeding our targets
  • Controllable and forecastable expenses
  • Easy access to Living Amenities

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Briarwood Reserve (Phase 2)
Sioux Falls, SD

94 Units in Phase 2 for a total of 154 units

45 Months Targeted Holding Period

16.9%-17.3% Projected IRR

1.79x-1.81x Projected Equity Multiple

The Briarwood Reserve Phase II is a multi-phase, three-story, garden-style development. Phase II is targeted to have 94 units up from the initial estimate of 84 units (in Phase I). This is due to the Sponsor value engineering the floor layouts plans to target maximum rentable square footage.

The development is strategically located near 69th and Sycamore Ave in the South East submarket of Sioux Falls, SD. The premier location is in close proximity to a planned and funded major intersection that will provide access to the entire eastern and southern portion of the largest metropolitan area in South Dakota.

Each building will consist of 12-14 units across both phases. The quality but no-frills design reduces construction costs. The phased approach allows significant operating efficiencies pre- and post-construction.

By developing one building at a time, we will be in a position to lease up units as they become available. This strategy has been successfully executed on other projects.

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Regatta Apartments
San Antonio, TX

200 Units Class B

5 Year Investment Term

15.2%-17% Projected IRR

Using CoStar’s projected cap rate of 5.0 the projected IRR would be 22.5%

We are excited to present the Regatta Apartments. This is a lakefront, 200 unit property in an exceptional area of San Antonio, Texas. We were able to obtain a 25% price reduction by a very motivated seller. It is conveniently located across the street from a golf course. All units have fireplaces and washer/dryer connections.

Please follow the link below to the investment portal where all the documents and details can be found!

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One of the largest vineyard operators in Texas

$75,000 Minimum Investment

21%-28% Projected Cash-On-Cash

Timberview Capital is thrilled to partner with Texas Legacy Vines – one of the largest vineyard operators in the State of Texas. This team develops and operates large-scale mechanized vineyards – from raw land, to full harvest. 

There is a huge supply gap of wine grapes, and traditional Texas farmers cannot keep up with the wine demand. There is no one else filling this gap because of the higher barrier to entry to build a fully-mechanized vineyard operation. Texas Legacy Vines is capitalizing on that supply gap one vineyard block at a time. In just a couple of short years, they will be the largest vineyard operator in the state, controlling more than 50% of the wine grape supply.


Learn more about Texas Legacy Vines


Rise West Arlington
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

220 units built in 1985

Max Interest Rate Cap of 4.75%

20%+ Discount from a Distressed Seller

Superior returns for Timberview Capital network of investors

Rise West Arlington is a multifamily investment opportunity by a team with an amazing track record.

Their average returns on their last 11 deals have been more than their double investors’ money in less than 1.5 years.

We were able to negotiate superior returns for Timberview Capital network of investors. Our investors will receive Class C returns without having to meet the $500,000 minimum. (See details in the image below.)

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