About Timberview

“It is in the moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”


– Tony Robbins

The 3 Pillars Of Timberview

Working Together


We believe that investing is not just about transactions, but about building relationships, trust, and mutual success. We are personally invested in every single deal – our approach is grounded in personalized attention and deep expertise.

Due Diligence


Many real estate investment groups raise money for their internal team, and are beholden to their decisions Timberview is different. We cherry-pick unique opportunities based on the very best teams, with the very best properties, in the very best geographic regions that we can find in today’s market.

Giving Back


In addition to helping colleagues find financial freedom, we have also found purpose by partnering with charitable organizations. Our philanthropic activities are not just a one-time or sporadic effort, but an ongoing commitment to making a lasting difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

About Us

Dr. Tyson Cobb, MD


Dr. Tyson Cobb is a semi-retired orthopedic surgeon with over 40 years of investing experience across multiple asset classes. He grew tired of the inconsistent returns and volatility of the stock market and moved into real estate investments which provided him much better returns and more stability. Tyson’s real estate investing experience totals over $900M in commercial assets as both a Limited Partner and General Partner. He invests in Multifamily (Apartments), Triple Net Commercial, Car Washes, and Self-Storage Units.

He continues to acquire his own real estate investments, join-venture with partners in his network, and pool funds with other aspiring commercial real estate investors to acquire large assets in syndications. While he continues to operate as an orthopedic surgeon one day per week, he spends most of his time researching and underwriting real estate deals.

Tyson invites qualified investors to invest alongside him when he finds a home-run investment which represents less than 1% of the deals he researches. To mitigate risk and ensure he and his investors have a consistent flow of investing opportunities, Tyson seeks out highly-vetted operational teams across multiple markets and various assets in the U.S. In addition to helping colleagues find financial freedom, Dr. Cobb has also found purpose in his life by financially supporting charitable organizations that support those who are less fortunate.

Dr. Tyson Cobb, a board certified semi-retired Orthopedic Surgeon is a pioneer and expert in the use of minimally invasive orthopedic surgery of the upper extremity including the hands, wrist, elbow and shoulder. Dr. Cobb obtained his Orthopedic Surgery training at the Mayo Clinic and has had over 50 abstracts accepted for presentation at national and international meetings, published over a dozen book chapters and has had approximately 50 research papers accepted for publication in peer reviewed journals. He is frequently invited to lecture at national and international meetings.

Dr. Cobb is the past President of the International Wrist Arthroscopy Society, formally known as the European Wrist Arthroscopy Society. He is an instructor of surgeons at courses and labs around the world in the use of arthroscopic and endoscopic orthopedic surgery techniques.

He holds several patents for minimally invasive surgical equipment and has developed and published several techniques for minimally invasive surgery of the hand and upper extremity.

Today, Dr. Cobb uses his extensive research experience to find the very best private real estate deals for himself and his network.



Purpose, Passion, and Giving Back

In addition to helping colleagues find financial freedom, Dr. Cobb has also found purpose in his life by financially supporting charitable organizations that support those who are less fortunate.

He serves on the boards of Wildwood Hills Ranch of Iowa and Camp Shalom. Wildwood Hills Ranch is a Christian organization which serves children at risk. They exist to transform lives and strengthen communities by providing healing, hope and God’s unconditional love to children and youth at risk. Camp Shalom is a Christian organization that provides children an environment for spiritual growth.

He also financially supports these organizations:


Wildwood Hills Ranch

Wildwood Hills Ranch of Iowa is dedicated to providing at-risk youth with resources and opportunities to guide them towards a brighter future. Wildwood makes a 10-year commitment to the children in their program at no cost to their families, which includes programming such as equestrian therapy, leadership development, and more. We exist to transform lives and strengthen communities by providing healing, hope and God’s unconditional love to children and youth at-risk. Wildwood is funded solely by donations, and we are proud to play a role in their incredible work.

Tyson Cobb is a board member of Wildwood Hills Ranch.

If you feel led to help and become part of the solution, please reach out to one of the above charities (or others) and make a positive impact on someone less fortunate than yourself.

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