My Journey from Orthopaedic Surgery to Real Estate Investing

In this session, Dr. Tyson Cobb shares his personal journey transitioning from orthopaedic surgery to successful real estate investing. Gain insights, tips, and inspiration for your own investment journey.

Dr. Tyson Cobb

Timberview Capital

Rod Khleif

Cree Capital

Offering Webinar on Regatta Apartments

Join us for an exclusive webinar to explore The Regatta in San Antonio, driven by the city’s robust job market and rapid growth. Learn how our strategic renovation and service plans can enhance tenant satisfaction and boost revenue, offering you a prime investment opportunity.

Strategic Deal Analysis with John Letters

Join real estate expert John Letters as he delves into strategic deal analysis techniques. Learn how to identify lucrative opportunities, evaluate risks, and make informed investment decisions.

John Letters

Cree Capital

Donato Callahan


Market Analysis with Donato Callahan

Discover the fundamentals of market analysis with Donato Callahan —  a real estate phenom who achieved an incredible feat by amassing $36M in real estate by the age of 24. Explore how to assess market trends, identify emerging opportunities, and adapt your investment strategies for success.

Update on Multifamily Market and Regatta Investment

Discover the fundamentals of market analysis with Donato Callahan. Explore how to assess market trends, identify emerging opportunities, and adapt your investment strategies for success.

Dr. Tyson Cobb

Timberview Capital

Amanda Holbrook

Specialist Trust Company

Maximizing Your

Retirement Wealth

with Amanda Holbrook

Join Amanda Holbrook, a Certified Self-Directed IRA Professional and discover strategies for investing in commercial real estate, optimizing tax savings, and maximizing your retirement funds.

Vines & Wines with Keeley Hubbard

Join us for a webinar co-hosted with Texas Legacy Vines, one of the largest vineyard operators in Texas.  Discover how investing in Texas vineyards offers the potential for strong equity multiples and sustainable long-term cash flow.

Keeley Hubbard

Texas Legacy Vines

Omar Khan

Boardwalk Wealth

Offering Webinar on  Briarwood Reserve

Phase 2

Discover the potential of Briarwood Reserve Phase II, our latest multifamily investment in Sioux Falls. Learn about the project’s strategic location, innovative design, and strong projected returns.

Offering Webinar on Rise West Arlington

Join us for an in-depth look at the Rise West Arlington investment opportunity in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. We’re joining a team with an impressive track record. The team has a history of delivering exceptional results, with average returns on their last 11 deals more than doubling investors’ money in less than 1.5 years. Watch the video to learn more about this promising investment opportunity.

Zach Haptonstall

Rise48 Equity

Zach Haptonstall

Rise48 Equity

Rise West Arlington Question & Answer

Explore the Rise West Arlington investment opportunity in our comprehensive Q&A webinar video. Hear about the project’s strategic advantages, the team’s impressive track record, and strong projected returns. Gain valuable insights as we answer your questions about this promising investment opportunity.

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