Boardwalk Inn

Carolina Beach, NC


  • A 16-room boutique hotel on the Carolina Beach boardwalk, featured as one of America’s most awesome Boardwalks by Budget Travel

  • The property is on Carolina Beach, which was voted one of the best beaches in North Carolina by U.S. News
  • Current office will be converted to an additional rentable unit
  • Spectacular ocean views from its balcony
  • Purchase Price: $4.5M
  • Down Payment: $1.25 million ($1 million due at closing, $250,000 due by December 30, 2024)
  • Seller Note: $3.25 million at 3% interest for 5 years
  • Payment Terms: 12 months no payments, with 6 months deferred to the balloon payment
  • Capital Raise, CAPEX, and Reserves: $1.85 million for down payment, working capital, and reserves
  • Investor Payments: Quarterly
  • Closing Date: August 30th, with an automatic 30-day extension, if necessary


LIMITED PARTNER A & B: To incentivize investors with superior returns, we offer different preferred returns based on investment tiers:

Class A ($100K minimum) – 12% Preferred Return

Class B ($500K minimum) – 14% Preferred Return

Investors will receive preferred returns paid quarterly and are first in line to receive profits before GP splits.

The investment has a 5-year term and, while there is no equity involved, you will benefit from depreciation.

Limited space available.

This is on a FIRST COME, FIRST-SERVED basis.

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